Natural Hot Springs

Little Eden

The view from “Little Eden”

There are about twelve open air natural hot springs on the south side of the San Joaquin River. Just across the river from the campground there are 3 concrete walled springs that were built by the California Conservation Corps in 1934.

“Old Pedro” and the “Iodine Springs” are nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Little Eden” and the “Rose Garden” are about a one mile hike or drive from the Mono Hot Springs Resort.

Other springs are scattered throughout the meadows above this area. The store clerk can give you directions that will help you to locate the springs.  Also available is a facility map that illustrates the general location of many easy to find hot springs which are within a few minutes hike of the resort.

Be careful not to slip on the very slick wet concrete surrounding some of the springs.

Old Pedro

“Old Pedro” is a popular local hangout

Please make certain that you carry out all possessions and garbage. Since the springs are out in public forest land they are available for all at any time.

Spring in Meadow

One of many springs scattered throughout the meadows